Reports and Data

With these data on internships in hand, your college or university can be among the first in the nation to begin building a dataset on internships that can guide your planning and assessment decisions on these critical work-based learning experiences.

NSCI provides participating institutions with customized reports that includes:

  • A Data Snapshot that gives an overview of the survey’s primary results as organized by the Internship Scorecard, including the prevalence of internship participation on your campus, the format of your students’ internships (e.g., duration, sector), the quality of these experiences, and their degree of equitable access. With brief summaries of descriptive statistics and colorful and easy-to-read data visualizations, this can be a report you can share with your institutional leadership, career services staff, and students themselves to provide a quick yet in-depth review of the survey results. View a sample Data Snapshot report (PDF)
  • A Respondent Profile report that provides you with key details on survey administration (e.g., response rate) and characteristics of the study sample such as major, gender, employment status, and so on. This report will tell readers precisely who answered our survey and thus how the results should be interpreted.
  • A Student Comments report will highlight some qualitative findings from the survey based on open-ended text questions. These anecdotes and stories from students themselves will add some texture and fine-grained detail to the quantitative survey results, and will be reported as word clouds, themes and selected quotes.
  • A Major Comparisons report will provide an overview of key data points across the disciplines at your campus, with a focus on internship participation, selected indicators of program format and quality, and experiences with equitable access.
  • Other deliverables include the raw data from your institution and a file with key crosstabs for survey variables.

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